Hi, I'm Gustavo!

I'm a software developer.

I'm currently working on an Android streaming app with over than 13 million active users! Also I've developed some Games and Native Android apps on my own.

Main Projects

Cinetracker thumbnail
Cinetracker: Shows & Movies

Cinetracker is the ultimate app for managing your entertainment journey. Cinetracker offers a superior experience in tracking your favorite shows and movies. Discover new content, create personalized lists, and effortlessly manage your watch history!

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Moviebase Watchlist thumbnail
Moviebase Watchlist

Moviebase Watchlist is an Android app that allows you to browse through movies and find more details about it. You can also add the movies you want in a watch list to watch later!

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Learena Admin thumbnail
Learena Admin

Learena Admin is an Android app for the educational game project Learena. Use the app to login in your account and create or edit quizzes at any time!

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Real Inside thumbnail
Real Inside

Game created by me using Unity/C#. Real Inside is an adventure platformer 2D game. Explore a world full of mysteries between dimensions! Defeat enemies, solve puzzles, unlock new abilities, and the most important... Stay alive!

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Evil Hunt thumbnail
Evil Hunt

Evil Hunt is a hack-n-slash 3D game that I created with Unreal Engine. Evil Hunt is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi. Use your magic sword to do insane combos and defeat all your enemies.

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Side Projects

Warsteroid thumbnail

Warsteroid is a game created by me in 2 weeks during a Game Jam, where the theme was "Your enemies are your weapons". It is a local pvp game, where each player is a planet and needs to change the asteroids route in order to make it hit the other players.

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Earth Defender thumbnail
Earth Defender

Earth Defender was the first game that I created in the first term of my Game Development course. It was created using Microsoft XNA/C#. This game was a reinterpretation of the classic Asteroids for Atari.

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Contact me

Feel free to contact me by email or Linkedin.